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221 PDFTitle:CRIMINAL PROCEDURE ORDINANCEGazette Number:E.R. 1 of 2012
Section:101Heading:Summary apprehension of offender in certain casesVersion Date:09/02/2012

Apprehension of offenders

(1) (Repealed 5 of 1971 s. 9)
(2) Any person may arrest without warrant any person whom he may reasonably suspect of being guilty of an arrestable offence. (Replaced 70 of 1967 s. 2)
(3) Any person to whom any property is offered to be sold, pawned, or delivered, and who has reasonable ground to suspect that any arrestable offence has been or is about to be committed on or with respect to such property, may, and, if he can, shall, without warrant, apprehend the person offering the same and take possession of the property so offered. (Amended 70 of 1967 s. 2)
(4) Every person who finds any person in possession of any property which he, on reasonable grounds, suspects to have been obtained by means of an arrestable offence may arrest such last-mentioned person without warrant and take possession of the property. (Amended 70 of 1967 s. 2)
(5) Every person who arrests any person under any of the provisions herein contained shall (if the person making the arrest is not himself a police officer) deliver the person so arrested, and the property, if any, taken possession of by him, to some police officer in order that he may be conveyed as soon as reasonably may be before a magistrate, to be by him dealt with according to law, or himself convey him before a magistrate, as soon as reasonably may be, for that purpose. (Amended 51 of 1911; 2 of 1912 Schedule)
(6) Nothing in this section shall affect the powers of apprehension conferred upon constables or other persons by any other enactment. (Amended 51 of 1911; 2 of 1912 Schedule)