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Schedule:1Heading:APPROVED PROTECTIVE HELMETSVersion Date:30/06/2005

[regulation 2]
(L.N. 148 of 2002)
1. Protective helmets bearing a marking applied by the manufacturer indicating compliance with the specifications contained in-
        (a) British Standard 2495;
        (b) (Repealed L.N. 65 of 2005)
        (c) Australian Standard E 33-1968;
        (d) American National Standards Institute Z90.1-1966, Z90.1-1970 and Z90.1-1971;
        (e) Institute Belge De Normalization BENOR NBN 626;
        (f) Deutsche Normen DIN 4848;
        (g) French National Standard AFNOR NFS 72-301;
        (h) Dutch National Institute for Road Vehicles TNO;
        (i) (Repealed L.N. 65 of 2005)
        (j) Safety Helmet Council of America (SHCA) Certification;
        (k) British Standard 5361; (L.N. 65 of 2005)
        (l) British Standard 6658:1985; (L.N. 65 of 2005)
        (m) Japanese Industrial Standard JIS T 8133:1970-2000 for full type protective helmets for drivers and passengers of motorcycle; (L.N. 65 of 2005)
        (n) Australian Standard AS 1698-1988; (L.N. 65 of 2005)
        (o) Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 218 of Federal Regulations Vol. 38 No. 160 of USA dated 20 August 1973 including all revisions of that standard made before the date* this subparagraph comes into operation; (L.N. 65 of 2005)
        (p) ECE Regulation No. 22 made by the Economic Commission for Europe dated 1 June 1972 (E/ECE/324-E/ECE/TRANS/505/Rev.1/Add. 021) including all revisions of that regulation made before the date* this subparagraph comes into operation; (L.N. 65 of 2005)
        (q) Snell Memorial Foundation. Standard for Protective Headgear 1970-2005. (L.N. 65 of 2005)
2. Protective helmets of a type approved by the Commissioner and specified by him by notice in the Gazette, bearing a marking determined by him indicating that the type of helmet has been accepted as capable of affording to persons riding motor cycles a degree of protection from injury equal to or greater than that provided by protective helmets of the types specified in paragraph 1. (L.N. 65 of 2005)
* Commencement date: 30 June 2005.