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109 PDFTitle:DUTIABLE COMMODITIES ORDINANCEGazette Number:L.N. 243 of 2000
Section:64AHeading:Licence not required for home brewingVersion Date:28/07/2000

(1) A licence is not required for the manufacture of alcoholic liquor, other than by distillation and other than for sale, by a person aged 18 or over in premises which are used by the person exclusively as his place of residence and which constitute a separate household unit.
(2) Subsection (1) does not apply-

        (a) if the person who manufactures the liquor is in possession, anywhere in Hong Kong, of alcoholic liquor purported to be manufactured under subsection (1) of a total quantity exceeding 50 litres;
        (b) if there is kept in the premises in which the liquor is manufactured alcoholic liquor purported to be manufactured under subsection (1) of a quantity exceeding 50 litres;
        (c) unless the alcoholic liquor so manufactured-
          (i) is stored in sealed containers marked legibly the words "Home Brewed, Not for Sale" or "家中自釀,不得售賣" or words to the same effect; or
          (ii) is for immediate consumption.
(3) For the purpose of manufacture of alcoholic liquor under subsection (1) in any premises, a person may without a licence possess in those premises-
        (a) any utensil or apparatus, other than a still or part of a still, for manufacturing alcoholic liquor;
        (b) fermenting or fermented materials not exceeding 60 litres.
(4) In any prosecution for an offence under this Ordinance, the onus of proving the circumstances are such that subsection (1) applies shall be upon the accused.
(Added 57 of 2000 s. 8)