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123F PDFTitle:Building (Planning) RegulationsGazette Number:
Regulation:24Heading:Height of storeysVersion Date:30/06/1997

(1) Every room used or intended to be used for the purpose of an office or for habitation in any building shall have a height of not less than 2.5 m measured from floor to ceiling: (L.N. 406 of 1987)
Provided that there shall be not less than 2.3 m measured from the floor to the underside of any beam.
(2) In any such room having a sloping ceiling, the height shall be measured to the mean height of such ceiling above floor level:
Provided that no portion of any room shall have a height of less than 2 m.
(3) (Repealed L.N. 406 of 1987)

(L.N. 294 of 1976)