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Regulation:8Heading:Demolition works to be carried out under supervision of technically competent personVersion Date:01/04/1998

(1) The demolition and all works incidental thereto shall be specifically placed under the personal supervision of a technically competent person appointed by the registered specialist contractor appointed in respect of demolition works.
(2) Where 2 or more registered specialist contractors take part in the demolition works, each such contractor is required-

        (a) to appoint such number of technically competent persons as appropriate to supervise personally the demolition works; and
        (b) to ensure that his workmen do not carry out an operation in the course of the demolition works until after he has consulted and agreed with the other contractors as to the method by which and the time at which the operation is to be carried out.
(3) A notice in the specified form specifying the name of the technically competent person or persons appointed in accordance with paragraph (1) shall be posted up in a prominent position on the site of the demolition works. (L.N. 348 of 1993)
(L.N. 515 of 1997)