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Regulation:3Heading:Duties of authorized person and registered specialist contractor prior to commencement of demolitionVersion Date:01/04/1998

(1) Before the demolition is commenced, the authorized person appointed in respect of the demolition works shall- (L.N. 190 of 1974)

        (a) cause all gas, electricity, water and other meters to be removed from the building and, save in so far as the same may be used in the demolition works, cause the supply of gas and electricity to the building to be disconnected; and
        (b) cause any fitting attached to the building in connexion with any tramway service, system of street lighting, supply of electricity or other service to be removed.
(2) Before commencing the demolition, the registered specialist contractor appointed in respect of the demolition works shall- (L.N. 515 of 1997)
        (a) where a wall of the building abuts or fronts upon a street, service lane or other open area accessible to the public-
          (i) erect along that wall, at the level of the first floor of the building above the level of the street, fans or catch platforms;
          (ii) erect fans or catch platforms at the level of such other floors of the building as may be necessary to prevent any nuisance from dust or danger from debris or materials but so that such fans or catch platforms are sited at vertical intervals of not more than 10 m with the uppermost fan or catch platform not more than 10 m below the working level; and
          (iii) erect dust screens to cover the whole of the wall so as to prevent any nuisance from dust; (L.N. 358 of 1980)
        (b) seal all sewer and drainage connexions; and
        (c) remove all glazed sashes and doors from the building.