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542 PDFTitle:Legislative Council OrdinanceGazette Number:E.R. 2 of 2012
Section:18Heading:Establishment of geographical constituenciesVersion Date:02/08/2012

(1) There are to be 5 geographical constituencies for the purpose of returning Members at elections for those constituencies. (Replaced 25 of 2003 s. 5)
(2) The Chief Executive in Council may, by order published in the Gazette-

    (a) declare areas of Hong Kong to be geographical constituencies; and
    (b) give names to those constituencies.
(3) When making an order under this section, the Chief Executive in Council must have regard to the recommendations made by the Electoral Affairs Commission in the last report of the Commission submitted in accordance with section 18 of the Electoral Affairs Commission Ordinance (Cap 541) for the purposes of the general election to which the order relates.
(4) If an order under this section refers to a map that defines the area of a geographical constituency, the Electoral Registration Officer must ensure that at least one copy of the map is kept at that Officer's office and is made available for inspection by members of the public during ordinary business hours of that office.
(5) No charge is payable by a member of the public who wishes to inspect a copy of the map.
(6) A map certified by the Electoral Registration Officer as a true copy of a map that defines the area of a geographical constituency is conclusive evidence of the area of the constituency.