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Section:5Heading:Artistic worksVersion Date:30/06/1997

In this Part-
"artistic work" (藝術作品) means-

        (a) a graphic work, photograph, sculpture or collage, irrespective of artistic quality;
        (b) a work of architecture being a building or a model for a building; or
        (c) a work of artistic craftsmanship;
"building" (建築物) includes any fixed structure, and a part of a building or fixed structure;
"graphic work" (平面美術作品) includes-
        (a) any painting, drawing, diagram, map, chart or plan; and
        (b) any engraving, etching, lithograph, woodcut or similar work;
"photograph" (照片) means a recording of light or other radiation on any medium on which an image is produced or from which an image may by any means be produced, and which is not part of a film;
"sculpture" (雕塑品) includes a cast or model made for purposes of sculpture.
[cf. 1988 c. 48 s. 4 U.K.]