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Section:12Heading:Approval of pupillage and issue of certificate of eligibility for pupillageVersion Date:28/03/2003

(1) The Bar Council, if it is satisfied that-

        (a) the applicant-
          (i) is a fit and suitable person to be a barrister;
          (ii) would, but for the requirement to serve the period of approved pupillage or reduced period of approved pupillage under section 4(3), be qualified for admission as a barrister under section 4;
          (iii) is not ineligible by virtue of section 14; and
          (iv) has paid the relevant fee prescribed in Schedule 1; and
        (b) the practising barrister with whom the applicant wishes to serve his pupillage has obtained the approval of the Bar Council to the pupillage under section 13,
shall approve the application for pupillage and issue to the applicant a certificate of eligibility for pupillage in accordance with Form 6 in Schedule 2.
(2) A certificate of eligibility for pupillage shall remain valid for a period of 12 months from its date of issue, unless the Bar Council stipulates or determines otherwise or the certificate is revoked under section 17 before its expiry.
(3) A person may apply to the Bar Council in writing for extension of the validity of his certificate of eligibility for pupillage.
(4) An application under subsection (3) shall be-
        (a) made not later than 2 months before the expiry of the current certificate or within such other period of time as the Bar Council may in its discretion allow; and
        (b) accompanied by the relevant fee prescribed in Schedule 1.