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Section:7Heading:Prohibition on taking photographs, etc., in courtVersion Date:30/06/1997

(1) Any person who-

        (a) takes or attempts to take in any court any photograph, or with a view to publication makes or attempts to make in any court any portrait or sketch, of any person, being a judge of the court or a juror or a witness in or a party to any proceeding before the court, whether civil or criminal; or (Amended L.N. 7 of 1979)
        (b) publishes any photograph, portrait or sketch taken or make in contravention of the foregoing provisions of this section or any reproduction thereof,
shall be liable to a fine of $250.
(2) For the purposes of this section-
        (a) the expression "court" (法庭) means any court of justice, including any place in which an inquiry is being held by a magistrate;
        (b) the expression "judge" (法官) includes registrar and magistrate; (Amended 47 of 1997 s. 10)
        (c) a photograph, portrait or sketch shall be deemed to be a photograph, portrait or sketch taken or made in court if it is taken or made in the court-room or in the building or in the precincts of the building in which the court is held, or if it is a photograph, portrait or sketch taken or made of the person while he is entering or leaving the court-room or any such building or precincts as aforesaid.
(Added 11 of 1949 s. 6)
[cf. 1925 c. 86 s. 41 U.K.]