Chapter Number and Title of Enactment




: If this pencil mark appears at the beginning of a provision, that provision is subject to amendments that are already in operation but have not yet been incorporated in its text.

Table of contents of enactment:
Cap 128 Long title
Cap 128 Preamble
Cap 128 s 1Short title
Cap 128 s 1AInterpretation
Cap 128 s 2Establishment of Land Registry for registration of instruments affecting land
Cap 128 s 2AFloating charge
Cap 128 s 3Priority of registered instruments; effect of non-registration
Cap 128 s 4Notice of unregistered instrument not to affect registered instrument
Cap 128 s 5Period within which instruments to be registered after execution
Cap 128 s 5APriority of registered charging orders and lites pendentes
Cap 128 s 6(Repealed 56 of 1980 s. 5)
Cap 128 s 7(Repealed 56 of 1980 s. 5)
Cap 128 s 8(Repealed 56 of 1980 s. 5)
Cap 128 s 9(Repealed 56 of 1980 s. 5)
Cap 128 s 10(Repealed 56 of 1980 s. 5)
Cap 128 s 11(Repealed 56 of 1980 s. 5)
Cap 128 s 12(Repealed 56 of 1980 s. 5)
Cap 128 s 13(Repealed 56 of 1980 s. 5)
Cap 128 s 14Application to lis pendens
Cap 128 s 15(Repealed 56 of 1992 s. 6)
Cap 128 s 16Case of lis pendens not registered
Cap 128 s 17Expiry and re-registration
Cap 128 s 18Effect of registry and re-registry and extension of 1855 c. 15 s. 11
Cap 128 s 19Power to the court to order vacation of lis pendens
Cap 128 s 20Mode of making application to the court
Cap 128 s 21Entry of discharge by Land Registrar
Cap 128 s 22(Repealed 104 of 1995 s. 3)
Cap 128 s 23Obligation of Land Registrar to register
Cap 128 s 23ALiability of Land Registrar and others
Cap 128 s 24Dishonest destruction etc., of memorials and other documents
Cap 128 s 25(Repealed 56 of 1980 s. 8)
Cap 128 s 26Duties and powers of assistant land registrar
Cap 128 s 26ACopies of documents etc. admissible in evidence
Cap 128 s 27Fees
Cap 128 s 28Regulations
Cap 128 s 29Effect of memorials recorded on microfilm
Cap 128 s 29AEffect of register cards recorded on microfilm or memorials recorded by the imaging method, etc.
Cap 128 s 30(Repealed 20 of 2002 s. 3)
Cap 128 s 31Saving in respect of deposit of deeds, etc., in Land Registry for safe custody
Cap 128 Sched 1(Repealed 20 of 2002 s. 4)
Cap 128 Sched 2(Repealed 20 of 2002 s. 4)

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