Chapter Number and Title of Enactment




: If this pencil mark appears at the beginning of a provision, that provision is subject to amendments that are already in operation but have not yet been incorporated in its text.

Table of contents of enactment:
Cap 212 Long title
Cap 212 s 1Short title
Cap 212 s 2Murder
Cap 212 s 3(Repealed 24 of 1993 s. 6)
Cap 212 s 4(Repealed 24 of 1993 s. 7)
Cap 212 s 5Conspiring or soliciting to commit murder
Cap 212 s 6(Repealed 13 of 1999 s. 3)
Cap 212 s 7Manslaughter
Cap 212 s 8Excusable homicide
Cap 212 s 8AAlternative verdicts
Cap 212 s 8BCertain homicides to constitute offences
Cap 212 s 9Trial of homicide where cause of death only happens in Hong Kong
Cap 212 s 9AGenocide
Cap 212 s 10Administering poison or wounding with intent to murder
Cap 212 s 11Destroying or damaging building with intent to murder
Cap 212 s 12Setting fire to or casting away ship with intent to murder
Cap 212 s 13Attempting to administer poison, or shooting, or attempting to shoot or drown, etc., with intent to murder
Cap 212 s 14Attempting to commit murder by means not specified
Cap 212 s 15Sending letter threatening to murder
Cap 212 s 16Impeding person endeavouring to save himself or another from shipwreck
Cap 212 s 17Shooting or attempting to shoot, or wounding or striking with intent to do grievous bodily harm
Cap 212 s 18Definition of loaded arms
Cap 212 s 19Wounding or inflicting grievous bodily harm
Cap 212 s 20Attempting to choke, etc., in order to commit indictable offence
Cap 212 s 21Using chloroform, etc., in order to commit indictable offence
Cap 212 s 22Administering poison, etc., so as to endanger life or inflict grievous bodily harm
Cap 212 s 23Administering poison, etc., with intent to injure, etc.
Cap 212 s 24Conviction for offence under section 23 on trial for offence under section 22
Cap 212 s 25Failure to provide apprentice or servant with food, etc., whereby life is endangered, etc.
Cap 212 s 26Exposing child whereby life is endangered
Cap 212 s 27Ill-treatment or neglect by those in charge of child or young person
Cap 212 s 28Causing bodily injury by gunpower, etc.
Cap 212 s 29Causing gunpowder to explode, etc., or throwing corrosive fluid, with intent to do grievous bodily harm
Cap 212 s 29APossession of corrosive substance
Cap 212 s 30Placing gunpowder near building, etc., with intent to do bodily injury
Cap 212 s 31Setting spring gun, etc., with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm
Cap 212 s 32Placing wood, etc., on a railway with intent to endanger passengers
Cap 212 s 33Driver of carriage, etc., injuring person by furious driving
Cap 212 s 33ASuicide to cease to be a crime
Cap 212 s 33BCriminal liability for complicity in another's suicide
Cap 212 s 33C"Year and a day rule" abrogated
Cap 212 s 34Obstructing or assaulting clergyman, etc., in discharge of his duties
Cap 212 s 35Assault magistrate, etc., on account of his preserving wreck
Cap 212 s 36Assault with intent to commit offence, or on police officer, etc.
Cap 212 s 37Certificate of dismissal of complaint
Cap 212 s 38Certificate of dismissal or conviction and punishment to bar any other proceeding
Cap 212 s 39Assault occasioning actual bodily harm
Cap 212 s 40Common assault
Cap 212 s 41Power to bind over offenders
Cap 212 s 42Forcible taking or detention of person, with intent to sell him
Cap 212 s 43Stealing child under 14 years
Cap 212 s 44Unlawful transfers of possession, custody or control of other persons for valuable consideration
Cap 212 s 45Bigamy
Cap 212 s 46Administering drug or using instrument to procure abortion
Cap 212 s 47Procuring drug, etc., with intent to cause abortion
Cap 212 s 47AMedical termination of pregnancy
Cap 212 s 47BChild destruction
Cap 212 s 47CInfanticide
Cap 212 s 47DConviction on alternative offences
Cap 212 s 48Concealing birth of child
Cap 212 s 49(Repealed 90 of 1991 s. 26)
Cap 212 s 50(Repealed 90 of 1991 s. 26)
Cap 212 s 51(Repealed 90 of 1991 s. 26)
Cap 212 s 52(Repealed 90 of 1991 s. 26)
Cap 212 s 53(Repealed 90 of 1991 s. 26)
Cap 212 s 54Making or having gunpowder with intent to commit offence
Cap 212 s 55Power to issue warrant for searching house, etc., for gunpowder, etc.
Cap 212 s 56Apprehension of person loitering at night and suspected of indictable offence
Cap 212 s 57(Repealed 50 of 1991 s. 4)
Cap 212 s 58Awarding of fine and sureties for keeping the peace
Cap 212 s 59No summary conviction or warrant to be quashed for want of form

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