Chapter Number and Title of Enactment


336Title:District Court Ordinance

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: If this pencil mark appears at the beginning of a provision, that provision is subject to amendments that are already in operation but have not yet been incorporated in its text.

Table of contents of enactment:
Cap 336 Long title
Cap 336 Part 1Preliminary
Cap 336 s 1Short title
Cap 336 s 2Interpretation
Cap 336 Part 2The District Court
Cap 336 s 3Establishment of the District Court, and its general jurisdiction
Cap 336 s 4Constitution of the District Court
Cap 336 s 5Professional qualifications of District Judges
Cap 336 s 6Disposal of proceedings
Cap 336 s 7Appointment of deputy District Judges
Cap 336 s 8Power of deputy District Judge in part-heard cases
Cap 336 s 9Jurisdiction in part-heard cases of magistrates appointed to be judges
Cap 336 s 10Jurisdiction in part-heard cases of judges appointed to be High Court Judges or Court of First Instance deputy judges
Cap 336 s 11(Repealed 47 of 1997 s. 10)
Cap 336 s 11ATerm of office of District Judges
Cap 336 s 12Distribution and disposal of business of the Court
Cap 336 s 13Seal of the Court
Cap 336 s 14Officers of the Court
Cap 336 s 14AAProfessional qualifications of Registrar, deputy registrars and assistant registrars
Cap 336 s 14ABAppointment of temporary registrar
Cap 336 s 14AAppointment of temporary deputy registrars
Cap 336 s 14BAppointment of temporary assistant registrars
Cap 336 s 14CPowers of temporary registrar, etc. in case which is part-heard on termination of appointment
Cap 336 s 15Right of audience
Cap 336 s 16Prohibition of proceedings in error
Cap 336 s 17District Court Rules Committee
Cap 336 Part 3Provisions Applicable to both Civil and Criminal Proceedings
Cap 336 s 18Transfer of unclaimed moneys in Court
Cap 336 s 19(Repealed 59 of 1981 s. 4)
Cap 336 s 20Committal for contempt
Cap 336 s 21(Repealed 13 of 1995 s. 46)
Cap 336 s 22Enforcement of liability for fees
Cap 336 s 23Enforcement of fines and forfeited recognizances
Cap 336 s 24Enforcement of orders and warrants for imprisonment
Cap 336 s 25Registrar to take charge of fees, etc.
Cap 336 s 26(Repealed 28 of 2000 s. 15)
Cap 336 s 27Falsely pretending to act under authority of the Court
Cap 336 s 28Falsely representing documents to have been issued from the Court
Cap 336 s 29Rescuing goods
Cap 336 s 30Assaulting officers
Cap 336 s 31Revocation of committal order
Cap 336 Part 4Civil Jurisdiction and Procedure
Cap 336 s 32General jurisdiction in actions of contract, quasi-contract and tort
Cap 336 s 33Money recoverable by enactment
Cap 336 s 34Abandonment of part of claim to give Court jurisdiction
Cap 336 s 35Jurisdiction for recovery of land
Cap 336 s 36Jurisdiction where title in question
Cap 336 s 37Equity jurisdiction
Cap 336 s 37A(Repealed 28 of 2000 s. 23)
Cap 336 s 38Jurisdiction under the Married Persons Status Ordinance
Cap 336 s 38AExecution of instruments by order of the Court
Cap 336 s 39Counterclaims
Cap 336 s 40Saving
Cap 336 s 41Procedure where proceedings beyond the jurisdiction of the Court are commenced in the Court
Cap 336 s 42Transfer of proceedings to the Court of First Instance or the Lands Tribunal
Cap 336 s 43Transfer to the Court from the Court of First Instance of proceedings within the jurisdiction of the Court
Cap 336 s 44Transfer to the Court from the Court of First Instance where the parties consent
Cap 336 s 44ACosts in transferred cases, etc.
Cap 336 s 45Division of causes of action
Cap 336 s 46Infancy no defence
Cap 336 s 47(Repealed 28 of 2000 s. 24)
Cap 336 s 47APower of the Court to order disclosure, etc. of documents before commencement of proceedings
Cap 336 s 47BExtension of powers of the Court to order disclosure of documents, inspection of property, etc.
Cap 336 s 47CProvisions supplementary to sections 47A and 47B
Cap 336 s 47DPowers of the Court exercisable before commencement of action
Cap 336 s 47EApplication to Government of sections 47A to 47D
Cap 336 s 48General ancillary jurisdiction
Cap 336 s 48APower to award damages as well as, or in substitution for, injunction or specific performance
Cap 336 s 48BContempt of Court
Cap 336 s 49Interest on claims for debt and damages
Cap 336 s 50Interest on judgments
Cap 336 s 51(Repealed 28 of 2000 s. 24)
Cap 336 s 52Extension of jurisdiction to grant injunctions and to make declarations
Cap 336 s 52APower of Court to impose charging order
Cap 336 s 52AAProperty which may be charged
Cap 336 s 52ABProvisions supplementary to sections 52A and 52B
Cap 336 s 52BInjunction and receivers
Cap 336 s 52CAttachment of debts
Cap 336 s 52DNo arrest or imprisonment without order
Cap 336 s 52EProhibition on debtor leaving Hong Kong
Cap 336 s 53Costs
Cap 336 s 53ACosts-only proceedings
Cap 336 s 53BTransfer of costs-only proceedings to Court of First Instance
Cap 336 s 53CScale of costs on which costs awarded under section 53A are taxed
Cap 336 s 54(Repealed 28 of 2000 s. 29)
Cap 336 s 55(Repealed 28 of 2000 s. 29)
Cap 336 s 56(Repealed 28 of 2000 s. 29)
Cap 336 s 57(Repealed 28 of 2000 s. 29)
Cap 336 s 58Assessors
Cap 336 s 59Examination of witnesses outside the jurisdiction of the Court
Cap 336 s 60Oral and written judgments, etc.
Cap 336 s 61(Repealed 28 of 2000 s. 32)
Cap 336 s 62Death or absence of judge before conclusion of trial
Cap 336 s 63Appeals in civil matters*
Cap 336 s 63ALeave to appeal
Cap 336 s 63BDecision on leave to appeal final
Cap 336 s 64Powers of Court of Appeal on appeal
Cap 336 s 65Procedure on appeal
Cap 336 s 66Stay of execution on appeal
Cap 336 s 66APenalty for neglect of witness summons
Cap 336 s 66BWitness expenses
Cap 336 s 67(Repealed 28 of 2000 s. 36)
Cap 336 s 68Priority of Court of First Instance and court executions
Cap 336 s 68AEffect of writs of execution against goods
Cap 336 s 68BSale of property in execution of judgment
Cap 336 s 69Relief against forfeiture by action for non-payment of rent
Cap 336 s 69AService of writ in lieu of demand
Cap 336 s 69BRelief against forfeiture by re-entry for non-payment of rent
Cap 336 s 69CInterpretation and application of this section and sections 69, 69A and 69B
Cap 336 s 70Solicitors
Cap 336 s 71Protection of judges
Cap 336 s 71ARegistrar may apply for order
Cap 336 s 71BProtection of Registrar
Cap 336 s 72Rules of court
Cap 336 s 72ARules for commencing proceedings for estates of deceased persons
Cap 336 s 72BRules as to proof of facts and admission of statements in civil proceedings
Cap 336 s 72CRules as to stop orders and notices
Cap 336 s 72CARules as to costs and interest
Cap 336 s 72DOrders for interim payment
Cap 336 s 72EOrders for provisional damages for personal injuries
Cap 336 s 73Suitors' Funds Rules
Cap 336 s 73AAmendments of limits of jurisdiction and other amounts
Cap 336 s 73BRules in relation to jurisdiction under Sex Discrimination Ordinance
Cap 336 s 73CRules in relation to jurisdiction under Disability Discrimination Ordinance
Cap 336 s 73DRules in relation to jurisdiction under Family Status Discrimination Ordinance
Cap 336 s 73ERules in relation to jurisdiction under Race Discrimination Ordinance
Cap 336 Part 5Criminal Jurisdiction
Cap 336 s 73FRules in relation to jurisdiction under Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance
Cap 336 s 74Criminal jurisdiction
Cap 336 s 75Procedure upon transfer of charge or complaint
Cap 336 s 75ANotice of alibi
Cap 336 s 76Nolle prosequi
Cap 336 s 77Signing and form of charge sheet
Cap 336 s 77ATransfer of proceedings
Cap 336 s 77BProcedure following an order of transfer
Cap 336 s 77CApplication may be made in a multi-defendant or multi-charge situation
Cap 336 s 78Limitation on prosecutions
Cap 336 s 79Procedure and practice of the Court in its criminal jurisdiction
Cap 336 s 79APlea by corporation
Cap 336 s 80Verdict
Cap 336 s 81Court may take into consideration outstanding offences on application of accused and consent of prosecution
Cap 336 s 82Penalties
Cap 336 s 83Appeals
Cap 336 s 84Appeal by way of case stated
Cap 336 s 85Aiders and abettors
Cap 336 s 86Seizure of property
Cap 336 s 87Criminal Procedure Rules
Cap 336 s 88Saving of prerogative of mercy
Cap 336 s 89(Repealed 28 of 2000 s. 43)
Cap 336 s 90(Repealed 28 of 2000 s. 44)
Cap 336 Sched 1Form of Charge Sheet
Cap 336 Sched 2

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