Chapter Number and Title of Enactment


562Title:Broadcasting Ordinance

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: If this pencil mark appears at the beginning of a provision, that provision is subject to amendments that are already in operation but have not yet been incorporated in its text.

Table of contents of enactment:
Cap 562 Long title
Cap 562 Part 1Preliminary
Cap 562 s 1Short title
Cap 562 s 2Interpretation
Cap 562 Part 2Codes of Practice and Guidelines
Cap 562 s 3Approval of codes of practice by Authority*
Cap 562 s 4Guidelines
Cap 562 Part 3Regulation of Broadcasting Services
Cap 562 s 5Offence of providing broadcasting service without licence
Cap 562 s 6Unauthorized decoders
Cap 562 s 7Offence of providing decoders and reception equipment for television programme service on subscription basis without licence
Cap 562 s 7AProvisions supplementary to sections 6 and 7
Cap 562 s 7BCivil remedy
Cap 562 Part 4Licences-General Provisions
Cap 562 s 8To whom licence may be granted
Cap 562 s 9Recommendations by the Authority on applications for licences*
Cap 562 s 10Grant of licence
Cap 562 s 11Extension or renewal of licence
Cap 562 s 12Determination of whether television programme service primarily targets Hong Kong
Cap 562 Part 5Requirements Relating to Licensed Services
Cap 562 s 13Prohibition on anti-competitive conduct
Cap 562 s 14Prohibition on abuse of dominance
Cap 562 s 15Provisions supplementary to sections 13 and 14
Cap 562 s 16Notice to licensee to cease certain conduct
Cap 562 s 17Separate accounting
Cap 562 s 18Service provision requirements
Cap 562 s 19Television programmes for schools
Cap 562 s 20Television programme service locking device
Cap 562 s 21Restrictions on persons not regarded as fit and proper
Cap 562 s 22Prevention of interference with programming independence of licensees
Cap 562 s 23General requirements as to television programme services
Cap 562 Part 6Enforcement of Licences
Cap 562 s 24Directions of Authority*
Cap 562 s 25Investigation of licensee's business
Cap 562 s 26Authority may obtain information*
Cap 562 s 27Confidential matter to be safeguarded
Cap 562 s 28Licensee to pay financial penalty
Cap 562 s 29Recovery of financial penalty
Cap 562 s 30Licensee to include correction or apology in television programme service
Cap 562 s 31Suspension of licence
Cap 562 s 32Revocation of licence
Cap 562 s 33Inquiry by Authority*
Cap 562 s 34Appeal to Chief Executive in Council
Cap 562 s 35Determination of appeal
Cap 562 Part 7Prohibition and Proscription by Court
Cap 562 s 36Court may prohibit certain television programmes, etc.
Cap 562 Part 8Miscellaneous
Cap 562 s 37Contests
Cap 562 s 38Inspection and testing of technical equipment
Cap 562 s 39Licensee to submit returns
Cap 562 s 40Service of documents
Cap 562 s 41Power of Authority to specify forms*
Cap 562 s 42Regulations
Cap 562 s 43Amendment of Schedules 1 to 8, etc.
Cap 562 s 44Repeal, transitional and savings provisions and consequential amendments
Cap 562 Sched 1Disqualification for Holding Domestic Free or Pay Television Programme Service Licences and Restriction on Voting Control of Voting Controllers
Cap 562 Sched 2Items Which are not to be Regarded as Newspapers for the Purpose of Paragraph (C) of Definition of Newspaper in Section 2(1)
Cap 562 Sched 3Services not to Be Regarded as Television Programme Services
Cap 562 Sched 4Domestic Free Television Programme Service Supplementary Provisions
Cap 562 Sched 5Domestic Pay Television Programme Service Supplementary Provisions
Cap 562 Sched 6Non-Domestic Television Programme Service Supplementary Provisions
Cap 562 Sched 7Other Licensable Television Programme Service Supplementary Provisions
Cap 562 Sched 8Transitional and Saving Provisions
Cap 562 Sched 9Consequential Amendments

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