Chapter Number and Title of Enactment




: If this pencil mark appears at the beginning of a provision, that provision is subject to amendments that are already in operation but have not yet been incorporated in its text.

Table of contents of enactment:
Cap 38 Long title
Cap 38 s 1Short title
Cap 38 s 2Interpretation
Cap 38 s 3Definition of partnership
Cap 38 s 4Rules for determining existence of partnership
Cap 38 s 5Postponement of rights of person lending or selling in consideration of share of profits in case of insolvency
Cap 38 s 6Meaning of firm and firm-name
Cap 38 s 7Power of partner to bind firm
Cap 38 s 8Partners bound by acts on behalf of firm
Cap 38 s 9Partner using credit of firm for private purposes
Cap 38 s 10Effect of notice that firm will not be bound by acts of partner
Cap 38 s 11Liability of partners
Cap 38 s 12Liability of firm for wrongs
Cap 38 s 13Misapplication of money or property received for or in custody of firm
Cap 38 s 14Liability for wrongs joint and several
Cap 38 s 15Improper employment of trust property for partnership purposes
Cap 38 s 16Persons liable by "holding out"
Cap 38 s 17Admissions and representations of partner
Cap 38 s 18Notice to acting partner to be notice to firm
Cap 38 s 19Liabilities of incoming and outgoing partners
Cap 38 s 20Revocation of continuing guarantee by change in firm
Cap 38 s 21Variation by consent of terms of partnership
Cap 38 s 22Partnership property
Cap 38 s 23Property bought with partnership money
Cap 38 s 24Conversion into personal estate of land held as partnership property
Cap 38 s 25Procedure against partnership property for partner's separate judgment debt
Cap 38 s 26Rules as to interests and duties of partners, subject to special agreement
Cap 38 s 27Expulsion of partner
Cap 38 s 28Retirement from partnership at will
Cap 38 s 29Where partnership for term is continued over, continuance on old terms presumed
Cap 38 s 30Duty of partners to render accounts, etc.
Cap 38 s 31Accountability of partners for private profits
Cap 38 s 32Duty of partner not to compete with firm
Cap 38 s 33Rights of assignee of share in partnership
Cap 38 s 34Dissolution by expiration or notice
Cap 38 s 35Dissolution by bankruptcy, death, or charge
Cap 38 s 36Dissolution by illegality of partnership
Cap 38 s 37Dissolution by the court
Cap 38 s 38Rights of persons dealing with firm against apparent members of firm
Cap 38 s 39Right of partner to notify dissolution
Cap 38 s 40Continuing authority of partners for purposes of winding-up
Cap 38 s 41Rights of partners as to application of partnership property
Cap 38 s 42Apportionment or premium where partnership prematurely dissolved
Cap 38 s 43Rights where partnership dissolved for fraud or misrepresentation
Cap 38 s 44Rights of outgoing partner in certain cases to share profits made after dissolution
Cap 38 s 45Retiring or deceased partner's share to be a debt
Cap 38 s 46Rules for distribution of assets on final settlement of accounts
Cap 38 s 47Saving for rules of equity and of common law

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